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Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro Trig - CIN4080

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About this item

Advanced Feet-Inch-Fraction Construction-Math Calculator with Full Trig Functions

The Construction Master Pro Trig provides construction professionals with complete trig functions to help them quickly and easily solve complex construction-math problems. It saves time, reduces costs and prevents re-work. You can effortlessly work in and convert between feet-inch-fractions and metric units. Instantly calculate complex construction challenges for stair layouts, roofs, framing and much more. Full trig functions with sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine and arctangent.

    • Work in and convert between any building dimension, including Metric

    • Trig Function

    • Find Weight per Volume

    • Built-in Right-Angle solutions

    • Complete Stair Layouts

    • Roof, Rafter and Framing solutions

    • Circular: Arcs, Circumference, Segments and More

    • Stairs - Set Riser Height and solve for Stairwell Opening

    • Studs - Find number On-center for an entered Length

    • Compound Miter Cuts Arched Rake-Walls

    • Equal sided Polygons