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Free shipping on all orders over $80

Ellwood Steel Toe Guards - SANTG

by Ellwood
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Whatever your industry, whatever the hazards to your workers' knees, shins, insteps, feet, or toes, Ellwood Safety has the protection you need.

The toe guards fit any shoe, provide maximum toe protection, and cause no discomfort because they don't encase the toe. They are light enough to be worn comfortably all day. Abnormal foot conditions do not cause problems. Held in place by adjustable web straps and a spring fastener. Weighing just 12 ounces, each guard is designed to withstand an impact of 75 foot pounds with a large safety factor designed in. Width is 4 1/2" men, 4" women. Per Federal Regulations, guards provide protection equal to ANSI-Z41-1999 and ASTM-F2413-05 standards for compression and impact.

Ellwood Safety will modify guards to customer specifications or produce special guards for specific customer needs. Custom guards are of course more labor intensive to produce and are more expensive than standard products.