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Free shipping on all orders over $80

ergodyne® N-Ferno® 6815 Stretch Cap - Full Face

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Product Description

Hard hat stretch cap can be worn over or under a full and half brim hard hats. This is an affordable solution to protecting your face and head while working in cold environments.

The tube liner seals off the bottom of the hard hat and blocks wind and cold air from entering underneath your hard hat. This can be worn with balaclavas and other thermal headwear for additional warmth. This outdoor head gear is versatile and can also be worn as a neck gaiter or flipped over to just cover the ears.

From the Manufacturer

Call us crazy, but we just happen to think your headwear should consistently provide a beggars banquet of BTUs. So quit playing with matches and build a bonfire around your brain with the element busting energy of the N-Ferno Cool Series.

All N-Ferno Warming Products include winter liners and other head wear designed to keep workers warm and comfortable. We’ve got versions for cool, cold, and extreme conditions with hi-tech fabrics and superior features for reliable warmth from ear-to-ear. In fact, most liners have pockets next to the ears to hold warming packs.